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Our Relationship with McDonald’s

A Mission Partner Since 1974

The McDonald’s system, including local owner/operators, suppliers, employees, and customers, call our mission their own. Since 1974, the entire system has opened their hearts to us, providing invaluable support.

Today, we are stronger than ever due in large part to the continued resources from our Mission Partner, McDonald’s. Their support extends from monetary contributions to volunteerism; from board participation to media donations, and has helped us impact thousands of lives by giving children support, stability, and the best medicine of all – their families.

Although the McDonald’s system is our largest corporate partner, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeast Indiana is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. No one company can solely fund the growth of our programs and services necessary to serve more families. We also rely on the support of the entire community whether in the form of cash or in-kind donations, volunteering, and fundraising efforts.

Round-Up for RMHC

Round-Up for RMHC to give back when visiting McDonald’s

Donation Box

An easy way for you to help support Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeast Indiana is to ask to “Round-Up for RMHC” on your next order at participating McDonald’s restaurants. They’ll round your order up to the next dollar and donate those monies to RMHC. You can also donate at order kiosks or drop your spare change in the donation boxes.

A dime here. A quarter there. It might not seem like much, but little by little, it adds up and has a big impact. In-store support from canisters and Round Up is our largest ongoing fundraiser. Last year, more than $115,000 was collected in the Fort Wayne area alone.

The next time you visit your local McDonald’s be sure to donate your change, and imagine how much it will do.