Grace Gathering Youth Group

On Sunday, January 27th, we welcomed the Grace Gathering youth group to our humble abode. Roughly 45 individuals came ready to give hope to the families staying at Ronald McDonald House at Parkview in the form of cookies!


Some of them loved baking, so we kept them in the kitchen to whip up many batches of delicious cookies.



Some of them had a passion for art, so we gave them paint and canvasses to bring art work to life.






Some of them had a knack for toy assembly, so we handed them the tools they needed to put together a basketball hoop and some other items.






Each group also got to interact with families throughout their time here, specifically the kids who were staying here. Students had a blast playing basketball with the boys on the newly assembled basketball hoop, and also playing “tea party” with the younger girls.

The families were so impressed with how well-behaved the students were! Not one student was on their phone all night and everyone was genuinely present in the moment to moment activities throughout the whole evening.


At the end of their time at the House, all 45 students and adults formed one big circle around the living room and prayed over the Ronald McDonald House and the families that come through our doors. It was a very powerful moment for everyone in attendance.

We look forward to having many more youth groups come to the House in the future. Thank you Grace Gathering youth group for bringing hope to families here at Ronald McDonald House!