My Why – Greg Hoos

Greg Hoos became a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in January of 2018.

“It started as a way for my wife to get me out of the house. It has since grown into a passion to support those parents that do not need another issue to distract them from their child’s care.”

Greg loves taking the Comfort Cart up to the pediatric and intensive care floors of the children’s hospital. In addition to his two scheduled shifts each week, Greg is always the first one to step in and cover an open volunteer shift if he is available.

Over this winter season, many patients have been suffering with RSV. Because of the risk RSV poses to NICU (newborn intensive care), families of RSV patients found themselves stuck in the hospital, unable to visit the Ronald McDonald House at Parkview. Thankfully, with the help of our generous meal partners, our volunteers were able to portion leftovers in to-go boxes and deliver them to families who were not able to come down for meals. This became a common task for Greg and he did it every time with a smile and enthusiastic spirit.

We are so blessed to have Greg as a volunteer and continued supporter!