My Why – Mel and Marilyn Mundy

Mel and Marilyn Mundy began volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House at Parkview when the House opened in November of 2012. However, their first experience with the Ronald McDonald House came 27 years earlier when their youngest son underwent surgery at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

“There weren’t any good options for parents,” Marilyn remembers. “We slept on floors, we slept in the parents’ lounge on recliners, but mostly we went without sleep. We were thrilled when a room became available at the Ronald McDonald House.”

The couple had been contemplating the activities they might pursue during their retirement when they learned a Ronald McDonald House would be opening near them. “The Ronald McDonald House was perfect, says Marilyn. “It was something we could both do.”

As a couple of over 50 years, they partner well together. Marilyn works at the front desk greeting guests, answering phones, signing in new families and explaining how the House works. “I love the people,” she says. “Talking to them and knowing I’m helping in some way. Every once in a while, I’m checking somebody in who has been sleeping in their child’s room. When they talk about how happy they are to have a bed…I know exactly what they mean.”

Meanwhile, Mel is happy to work in the back of the House taking inventory, stocking supplies, filling the vending machine, cleaning and keeping the House in shape. “I think it’s my job

to provide whatever service I can to allow guests to focus on what’s really important — their child,” he says.