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The Souers FamilyThe Souers FamilyThe Souers FamilyThe Souers FamilyThe Souers Family

From the Heart of a NICU Mom

Trauma and illness can strike anyone, regardless of age or demographics. Our personal story reflects this truth. We had an uneventful pregnancy that took an unexpected turn with a NICU admission. Our story is that Ronald McDonald House wrapped their arms around our family during that difficult time. And I use the phrase “wrapped their arms” quite purposefully. because one word to sum up the experience of being a NICU mom in the heart of the omicron variant of COVID is: isolating.

In the NICU, strict visitor limits and the absence of siblings made it a lonely and challenging environment. Our baby faced various health issues, particularly with oxygen support. We spent weeks at the hospital and maintained strict precautions to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Describing a NICU stay is difficult, but it’s a necessary and hopeful journey. We were fortunate to bring our baby home, but we empathize with families who aren’t as fortunate. Ronald McDonald House played a pivotal role in our journey.

Ronald McDonald House is a beacon of light in challenging times, offering a welcoming and supportive environment. Their dedicated staff caters to each family’s specific needs, making the unbearable more manageable. They provide housing, sustenance, comfort, and relief, going beyond the superficial.

Our story included weeks at Parkview and Riley hospitals, with Ronald McDonald House facilitating a seamless transition. Our baby is now thriving, and we remain connected to this vital support network, hoping that our contributions, alongside yours, continue to benefit the community.

-Amy Souers, Ronald McDonald House & NICU Mom