You needa hug?

Last Friday night I dropped my oldest daughter and her friends off at the mall.  My husband and son had plans and my youngest teenager had joined her friends at the nail salon.  Last Friday night I found myself in a rare state, I was alone.    I had no timeline, nowhere to be and no one to be with.   It was so rare that I actually felt lonely.  So I took myself to a classic dinner at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

I ordered my burger –  bacon, light on the mayo, heavy on the pickle.  I then claimed a table for one and sat down.  I found myself staring at the peanut bags across the room wondering how my kids grew up so fast, is this what it will be like when they leave for college, will I be one of those cat ladies…..   I continued to stare until he caught my eye, a little boy who was sitting on the peanut bags and staring back at me.  He smiled, I smiled.   I looked away and he hid behind the peanut bags. I looked back and he waived.  I could see that his parents were ordering at the counter unaware of his presence.   The next time I looked up he was half way to my table.  I smiled as if to say “what are you doing” and he smiled back as if to say “don’t tell.”

Inch by inch he made his way to me and enthusiastically said “Hi!” and I said, “Hello.”  His innocent smile covered most of his face as he proceeded to tell me about his hamburger and that he had to pee.  He wanted to know my name, if I liked hot dogs and what I was doing there.  We were instant friends.  And then it happened……….with snot nose and all he raised his arms, stepped close and whispered “you needa hug?”   This little man squeezed me as if my happiness depended on his embrace.    He then twirled his tiny blue tennis shoes back to the side of my table and with a giggle he said “you wanna hug again?”  And so we did.    Soon after his mom came over and scooped him into her arms. She said, “I can’t believe this, he is normally so shy, this never happens.”  I assured her no apologies were required and as they walked away she turned and said “there must be something about you.”    

I left Five Guys Burgers and Fries with a smile from ear to ear.  And although I will not remember every detail of his little face, I will never forget how he made me feel.  Yes, I was solo for the evening, but I was not alone. 

You needa hug?  You wanna hug? You gotta hug to give someone else?